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  camshaft and camfollowers are ready for installation . The cam bolts had to be machined for oil pump clearance
conrods are fitted to the crankshaft
main bearings and timing gears are fitted to the crankshaft and it is now ready to be installed
I find that the engine case requires quite a lot of clearancing , due to the large counterweights fitted to the crankshaft
with the clearancing completed , the engine case will now be washed thoroughly and then the engine assembly can start
Crank and rods are installed into the engine case
camshaft is placed into the engine case to check for oil pump clearance
the cam timing is set and re-checked
cam lube has been applied to the cam lobes and the base of the camfollowers . This will assist with cam break-in during the first few minutes of running the new engine
oil pump is installed and the gears are lightly greased to assist with gaining oil pressure quickly
a new oil cooler will be used with adaptor seals

the chmbers in the cylinder heads are CC'd (measured for capacity) to calculate the compression ratio .

The cylinder heads being used on the VWMA engine are the late 40hp 'D'port heads that have the late style rocker mounting boss . These heads are highly sort after by the Formula Vee racers . The heads have also been ported a little and polished for smooth gas flow

the cylinder heads are then machined to gain a compression ratio of 8.2 :1
the cylinder heads are assembled with new valves , new valve springs , new valve locs and chromemoly retainers
the pistons are removed from their barrels , rings checked and reinstalled prior to being fitted to the engine
the cylinder heads are fitted . solid shim rocker assemblies are also fitted to ensure rocker arm alignment remains correct
engine lower tinware is assembled , complete with heater boxes and new german muffler
rear view of the assembled 40hp VWMA engine
The completed VWMA 40hp Okrasa spec engine , complete with powdercoated tinware , 12 volt flywheel , 12 volt alternator , mechanical advance electronic distributor , bosch GT-40 ignition coil , new fuel pump , new fanbelt and new german muffler ......... cant wait till Craig fits the engine to see how it goes
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