Wayne Penrose Volkswagen
Pty Ltd

Adrian's Low-Light

Adrian's Low-Light came to WPVW for a mechanical makeover and the results are stunning!

A WPVW Type 4 engine was built for this Kombi. Producing 114rwhp (142hp) @ 5400rpm, this engine has plenty of low end torque for the perfect street driving experience

Adrian's Low-Light Build

Adrians Camper arrives at WPVW to start the mechanical enhancements

The Camper arrives with no engine, transmission, axles, or engine accessories

The Type 4 engine is machined to suit the 103mm piston kit and 78mm stroker crankshaft

WPVW also performs a complete overhaul of the suspension and brakes

Only the best quality parts are used in WPVW engines

WPVW also reconditions the 2-litre gearbox. Taller ratio gears are installed to suit the bigger engine's torque. This makes freeway driving a breeze

The bottom end of the engine is assembled

Pistons, cylinders and cylinder heads installed

Engine is almost complete and ready for installation

Engine being installed into the Camper

An outstanding looking engine bay!

Final tuning adjustments and Adrian's Camper is ready to be enjoyed!