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Alfie twin turbo camper

Alfie twin turbo camper

We are proud to show the restoration of 'Alfie' the twin turbo camper

Alfie twin turbo camper

Alfie was restored by WPVW in 2010

Alfie twin turbo camper

Part of this restoration was a complete mechanical makeover, featuring a WPVW designed twin turbo, fuel injected Type 4 engine. This is one impressive Kombi!

Alfie Build

Blue Volkswagen Kombi

Alfie arrives at WPVW

Standard Kombi interior that needs a makeover

The interior needs a makeover

Rusty parts throughout Kombi

Rust found in multiple places throughout the Kombi

standard engine in Kombi

The Kombi will get a major upgrade from the 1600cc Type 1 engine

Kombi stripped apart for restoration

The Kombi is stripped

VW engine pulled apart for rebuild

Engine is stripped down and is found to be in very poor condition

Welding new roof onto Kombi

Allan (Wayne's dad) replaces the rusty roof

Volkswagen Kombi in primer

All rust repairs complete and the body is primed

Volkswagen Kombi painted blue and white

The body is painted

Blue interior for Kombi

New interior is being fitted

twin turbochargers for VW engine

The 2.4 litre Type 4 engine designed for Alfie will be fitted with twin turbos

custom turbo system for VW Kombi

WPVW fabricates the twin turbo system

Measuring combustion chamber volume in VW heads

There are no shortcuts at WPVW. We check everything to ensure perfection

VW type 4 engine assembly

Assembly of the engine begins

Vw twin turbo Type 4 engine

Engine almost complete, now onto the gearbox

VW kombi gearbox being reconditioned

WPVW also reconditions the gearbox and installs tall ratio gears to suit the increased torque of the twin turbo Type 4 engine

engine and gearbox installed into Kombi

Engine and gearbox now installed

Twin turbo VW Kombi

Not your average Kombi engine!

Blue interior in VW Kombi

The new interior is a huge improvement!

Very nice blue VW Kombi

Alfie is now complete. This is one exceptional looking Kombi!

We no longer perform restorations at WPVW but our commitment to providing the highest quality VW engines, performance and service in Australia remains. Contact us for all your VW needs.