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David's VW Trike Upgrades & Dyno

VW Trike

David sought the help of WPVW to improve the performance of his VW Trike. The Trike was towed to WPVW as it had running issues that could not be rectified elsewhere. We were also advised that the clutch was slipping.

When we got the Trike running, we detected cylinder head leakage and found the cylinder heads to be loose

VW trike with engine removed

The 1916 cc engine has been removed. The cylinder heads were re-tensioned, the clutch was replaced and the carburettors were upgraded to 40mm HPMX's.

VW 1916 cc Trike engine

The upgraded engine is now ready to be re-installed into the Trike.

Trike Dyno Tuning

David's Trike will now be Dyno tuned to optimise the upgraded engine.

Trike Dyno Tuning

Trike Dyno Tuning

After confirming the tune was safe, the first power run was performed.

Not too bad at 64rwhp (80hp @ engine).

Trike Dyno Tuning

After optimising the air-fuel ratio and ignition timing, we have extracted 76rwhp from the Trike!! (95hp @ engine)

That is a power increase of +18% from the first run and an enormous improvement compared to when the Trike arrived with running issues.

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