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The build of WPVW's new circuit car 'Phoenix' was completed in 2017. Powered by a WPVW Type 4 Kombi engine, this car produces 393wrhp (491hp) on a safe tune running 19psi boost. 'Phoenix' epitomises the power we extract from air cooled Volkswagens.

In just 3 years on the track, 'Phoenix' has won its class in almost every event and smashed numerous long standing records including: fastest run ever in a tin-top sedan at Huntley Hillclimb in Dapto.

The turbocharged, fuel injected Type 4 engine and WPVW built transmission to hold over 400hp demonstrate some of the engineering WPVW performs.

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Please enjoy some of these video's of Phoenix on the track! Scroll down further for the build of 'Phoenix'

Phoenix Build

The original concept drawing of DTTF . Drawn by Richard Holzl in the late 1980's .

The original build started in 1991. It was the brain-child of Richard Holzl formally of Vintage Vee-dub Supplies & V-force in Sydney, Australia. The chassis & suspension is based on a Formula 2 open-wheeler racing car, with a 1973 L-Bug body mounted on top.

The plan was to build a sports sedan that would compete against & be competitive with the V8 6 litre sports sedans in Australia.

In December 2010 , I purchased this incredible bug. It was in bad shape when I purchased it, but nothing that couldnt be fixed at WPVW.

Now dubbed 'Phoenix', the work begins at WPVW.     

The type-4 engine with 51mm throtte bodies is bolted in to check mounting location and clearances.    

The fuel tank was originally mounted under the drivers seat. This caused the driver to sit far too high in the car. The tank has been moved and the drivers seat lowered.  

Body comes off to perform chassis repairs and modifications

A very steep angle on those axles as the engine and gearbox had been moved forward 6" from the original location.

Chassis modifications complete and body back on. New fibreglass panels fabricated.      

New light-weight onboard racing air-jacks have been purchased and will be fitted so that the car will be easy to lift in the pits

Engine in car with exhaust headers in place to manufacture turbo system

Turbo system is now complete

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