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VW Carburettor Upgrades

What is a carburettor?

The carburettor is responsible for modulating the engine power via the throttle, as well as supplying the correct mixture of fuel and air while driving.

44mm IDF Webers

How does an upgrade benefit me?

By upgrading the carburettor, the engine is able to consume more air. If the engine is able to consume more air, more fuel can be supplied in the correct ratio and the engine will make more power. Upgraded carburettors also provide a crisper throttle response and can make the engine run smoother if other performance modifications have been made.

See the difference in power a carburettor upgrade makes to our 2332 cc performance engine. This engine was upgraded from 40mm HPMX carburettors to 44mm HPMX carburettors.

Carburettor power comparison

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