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VW Cylinder head Upgrades

What are cylinder heads?

The cylinder heads house the inlet and exhaust ports, valvetrain and spark plugs. There are 2 cylinder heads in an aircooled VW engine and this is where combustion is initiated.

VW cylinder heads

How do upgraded cylinder heads benefit my VW?

Upgraded cylinder heads will include one or more of the following:

  • Larger ports for increased flow
  • Oversized valves
  • Improved combustion chamber design
  • Improved material for increased power handling capabilities
Upgraded cylinder heads allow increased air and fuel to enter the cylinders for a gain in engine power and torque. The compression ratio of the engine can also be altered for increased power and efficiency.

It is important to set the compression ratio correctly in accordance with the rest of the engine design. Unfortunately we see engines where the compression ratio has been incorrectly set. This has resulted in detonation, poor drivability, excessive engine heat and a short engine lifespan.

Measuring cylinder head combustion chamber

With over 35 years of experience with performance VW engines, we know the perfect combinations that will give your VW the power you desire, whilst maintaining great drivability an engine longevity. It is this experience that allows us to confidently put long warranties on our engines.

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