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VW Fuel Injection: Convert your aircooled VW

What is fuel injection?

Electronic fuel injection (EFI) is an improved system of delivering the fuel (and ignition) to your engine. The carburettor(s) that is factory fitted works on the principle of vacuum to draw a metered amount of fuel into the engine.

VW Type 4 with fuel injection

EFI replaces this with an electronic system that precisely measures the engine speed, angle, load and temperatures. It then uses this data to calculate the required volume of fuel needed for each engine cycle, and injects it electronically as a highly atomised mist for efficient combustion.

The Engine Control Unit (ECU) can also be programmed to fire the spark at the optimal time under all conditions for maximum engine efficiency. This is programmed with our in house VW Dyno Tuning.

Haltech ECU Tuning

How does fuel injection benefit my aircooled VW?

There are numerous benefits to converting your aircooled VW to EFI. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Increased power
  • Increased low end torque
  • Improved throttle response
  • Improved fuel economy
  • Improved drivability
  • Perfect cold starting
  • Smoother running engine
  • Engine does not go out of tune between services
  • ECU learning (tune is refined as you drive)
  • Flex fuel tuning (Petrol and E85 compatibility for even more power)
  • Boost control (turbocharged cars)
  • Increased engine safety in hot weather
  • Customisable engine limits
  • Engine protection

Fuel injection is a great upgrade over carburettors for your classic VW. The tunability of the ECU means there are no longer any compromises with the fuel or ignition delivery. The engine can now be perfectly optimised under all running conditions, leading to an increase in power and reduction in fuel consumption at the same time. We have converted both VW Beetle engines (Type 1) and VW Kombi engines (Type 4) to fuel injection with amazing results!

VW Type 4 fuel Injection Conversion

The additional engine protections, limitations and customisable tuning provide peace of mind that your VW aircooled engine is being looked after.

To see the power we can extract with a turbocharged, fuel injected VW engine, see The Ultimate Street Engine.

How can I upgrade my VW to fuel injection?

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