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VW Transmission Rebuild

Do you have trouble with your VW gears "popping" out when driving? Is your VW too noisy when cruising? Or do you have gears that crunch or grind when being selected? At WPVW, we can solve all of your problems by reconditioning your aircooled VW gearbox back to factory specification. We rebuild transmissions for the VW Beetle, Kombi, Karmann Ghia, Type 3, VW powered Trike and more.

VW IRS gearbox

As part of our transmission rebuild service, we will:

  • Remove the transmission from your VW
  • Disassemble transmission and check condition
  • Replace any worn components
  • Install new syncro rings
  • Install new sliders
  • Install new shift forks
  • Install new reverse gear
  • Install new pinion bearing
  • Install new mainshaft bearing
  • Install new gaskets and seals
  • Assemble gear cluster and adjust selectors
  • Install new diff side carrier bearings
  • Reassemble and paint transmission
  • Install new rear axle bearings (swing axle only)
  • Install new axle boots (swing axle only)
  • Reinstall transmission into your VW

VW Syncro Rings

Additional services that we can perform during a transmission rebuild include:

These additional upgrades can lower your engine's RPM while cruising for fuel economy, noise, drivability and engine longevity benefits. We can also enhance the strength of your transmission to better support our High Performance VW Engines.

I would like to recondition my VW transmission

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