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Deans 2.7L Type 4 engine

Deans Type 4 Performance Engine

Dean wants to make his street beetle faster, so what better engine to build than a WPVW Torque Monster Type 4!

Dean's VW type 4 dyno sheet

Producing 166rwhp (207hp), this is one fun street VW!!

UPDATE: Dean's Type 4 Beetle has now been turbocharged, fuel injected and produces over 300HP!!. (See the lastest engine development here)

Deans Type 4 Engine Build

VW 1700cc Type 4

A 1700cc VW Type 4 engine was selected for the build.

VW engine internal

Engine is stripped to be prepared for modifications.

82mm Type 4 crank

A brand new 82mm stroker crankshaft will be installed.

Type 4 engine machining

The Type 4 case is machined and clearanced for the stroker crankshaft and 103mm pistons.

Measuring VW head chamber

Cylinder heads ported and big valve seats installed. Now checking the combustion chamber volume for final machining and compression ratio adjustment.

VW Type 4 assembly

Final engine assembly begins

VW Type 4 assembly

A Porsche cooling fan will keep the big Type 4 cool.

Type 4 engine in beetle

Engine almost complete and installed into the beetle

VW beetle custom exhaust

A custom exhaust will be made to allow the Type 4 engine to breath at high rpm.

VW type 4 exhaust

Exhaust system complete, ready to start!

Type 4 in VW beetle

Engine tuning complete, that looks like fun!

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