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The Torque Monster - 2733cc VW Type 4

Introducing the flagship of WPVW Street engines. Dubbed the "Torque Monster", this engine is a Type 4 VW engine that produces 206hp and 197ft-lb torque in its street form.

Camshaft, compression, intake, heads and exhaust can all be modified for increased high end power or low end torque as desired. As an example, Wayne's Karmann Ghia featured our 2733 cc engine optimised for street/strip and this produced 225hp on 98 octane fuel.

2733cc VW performance Type 4

In street form, the engine torque comes on strong at 2500rpm and power still climbs through 6000rpm for an incredible street driving experience. This engine will provide approximately a +290% power increase over a standard 1600 cc engine.


Carburettors44mm IDF Webers
Compression Ratio8.7:1
Cylinder headsVW Type-4 ported, polished, upgraded valve size
CamshaftTo suit application

Power & Torque

2733cc Type 4 dyno sheet

This power run was stopped at 6000rpm with the power curve stil climbing through 206hp!

When purchasing this engine, we also recommend our transmission upgrade. This will upgrade the strength of the gearbox and we can optimise the gear ratio's for better freeway cruising and long term reliability.

If you would like even more power, ask us about our turbocharging and Haltech fuel injection upgrades! We were crazy enough to perform these upgrades to this already powerful engine and the result is our "Ultimate VW Street Engine"

How does it sound?

How does it go?

See how easily Wayne's Karmann Ghia spins the tyres when launching in 2nd gear!!

Real World Performance

The following are estimated 0-100km/h times of various vehicles to give you an idea how the engine will perform in the real world. All estimated times for the WPVW engines in this list are for the base variant of that engine. The base variant is optimised for low-end torque, longevity, drivability and efficiency for the best street driving experience. High performance versions are available for faster acceleration times.

Note: Real world 0-100km/h times depend on many factors including vehicle weight, available traction, transmission type, gear ratios, car setup, driver skill, air density and more. We do not guarantee that the time listed below will be 100% accurate for your particular vehicle. The times below are designed to give an estimate only on how the engine will perform on the roads with today's traffic.

VW Beetle with WPVW Torque Monster (Base) 4.6 seconds
VW Golf GTI Clubsport 2020 5.6 seconds
Holden VF Calais Sportswagon 2014 6.0 V8 5.8 seconds
VW Beetle with WPVW 2332cc (Base) 5.9 seconds
Holden VF Calais V6 6.2 seconds
VW Beetle with WPVW 2110cc (Base) 6.4 seconds
VW Golf GTI 2011 6.5 seconds
Mercedes-Benz A250 2018 6.5 seconds
VW Beetle with WPVW 2054cc (Base) 6.6 seconds
VW Golf GTI 2007 7.2 seconds
VW Beetle with WPVW 1916cc (Base) 7.4 seconds
VW Golf 2022 110TSI8.4 seconds
Ford Ranger 2023 3.0 V68.4 seconds
VW T-Roc 2023 Style8.5 seconds
Mazda CX-5 20158.7 seconds
Toyota Hilux 202310.7 seconds
VW Beetle 160015.9 seconds


WPVW turnkey engines are provided with a 2 Year / 40,000km warranty

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