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Haltech are world leaders in aftermarket ECU's and we have had enormous success with their products on our own racecars and street cars (See Phoenix). There are numerous benefits of converting your classic VW to electronic fuel injection. (See EFI conversion).

Below are some of the Haltech products that can enhance your aircooled VW. For all Haltech product orders and enquiries, please

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Haltech Product Range

Haltech Elite 550

Elite 550 ECU
A great ECU for converting your air cooled VW to electronic fuel injection
In Stock

Haltech Elite 1500

Elite 1500 ECU
Take things up a level with features such as Drive by Wire and cruise control
In Stock

Haltech NEXUS R5 VCU

Nexus R5 VCU
The ultimate solution for engine and vehicle management
In Stock

Haltech iC-7 Colour Display Dash

iC-7 Colour Display Dash
The ideal replacement for individual analogue gauge clusters
In Stock